6 Steps to Get More Patients for Your Practice

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We help smart Allied Health practices increase traffic, leads and appointments with strategic search engine optimisation.

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Discover how SEO can boost the number of appointments your website gets from Google.

Amplified Marketing provide digital marketing services.
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In Australia more than 90% of people start their search for a product or service by typing a query into Google.

If you want your practice reaching more of the right people at the right time then you need a smart SEO strategy to gain a competitive advantage and rise above your competitors in Google.

So let's get your clinic in front of the right patients at the right time — with a smart SEO strategy.

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Frequently Answered SEO Questions (FAQs)

Great question! Unfortunately there’s no one answer for this (sorry!). It depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Your industry, and how competitive it is.
  • The state and performance of your existing website.
  • Your existing marketing assets and whether we can leverage them in your campaign (such as eBooks, special deals, giveaways etc).
  • Whether you’ve previously done SEO on your website (and whether it was done well or badly!).
  • Your budget – this is a big factor – as with anything, the more resources you can throw at something, generally the quicker you’ll see results.

Having said this, we can give you some general estimates as to the timeline of your SEO campaign, which can be broken down into three main phases:

1. Rankings
The first sign of your SEO campaign moving north is increased rankings for your desired keywords. From experience we usually see increased rankings for your chosen keyword phrases within about 3 months. As with all things SEO, this depends on your unique situation, but 3 months is the ballpark.

2. Traffic, Leads & Revenue
Once your website begins ranking for the right keywords (keywords with commercial intent) then you’ll begin to see more leads in the way of phone calls, contact form enquires and emails – between 3-6 months.

3. Return on investment
Within 12 months your campaign should be at a point where you’re making more money than you spend on SEO. We can’t reiterate enough that SEO is a long-term investment, but will deliver your business outstanding results in the long-term.

Another great question that we get all the time.

As with any service industry, the cost of Search Engine Optimisation Services varies greatly depending on who’s providing the service, their level of experience and competence, your competition level and how quickly you want results, among other factors..

Our SEO Services start at $1500 per month, but for a better estimate why don’t you contact us for a free quote?

We ask that you commit to a minimum of six months for your SEO campaign with us. We’re not going to say it’s a strictly ‘lock-in’ contract, but generally six months is the minimum amount of time required to sufficiently build up your campaign to see measurable results that will start delivering you a return on investment. Any less, and we can’t confidently commit to providing the results that you expect and deserve.

Think of your SEO campaign of going to the gym – when you’re starting from scratch you need to put a lot of time, effort and patience because you’re not going to see results overnight, or in the first few weeks. You need to commit to a consistent, reliable program that’s going to ensure that you see results in the long-term. It’s exactly the same concept with search engine optimisation – you won’t get instant results because SEO is a long-term strategy.

We have a 5-phase SEO framework that’s been developed over years of experience and testing:

  1. Onboarding, learning & planning
  2. Improving
  3. Creating
  4. Promoting
  5. Report, analyse and scale

It doesn’t matter what product or service you offer, or what industry your business is in – people are searching for it in Google every single day. And if you’re not attracting these qualified ready-to-buy customers to your website, then you’re missing a huge opportunity that your competitors are taking advantage of at your expense.

This is where we can help grow your business: we can help ensure your website attracts and converts the right type of people searching for your products or services, right when they’re ready to buy.

When it comes down it it, it’s a pretty simple process:

  1. Rank higher for the right keywords
    SEO provides long-term, sustainable results. Unlike paid advertising (Facebook, Google Ads etc.) the phone doesn’t stop ringing as soon as you stop paying for the traffic.
  2. Attract more qualified website traffic
    Once we get your website ranking higher for the best, most profitable keywords, you’ll be delighted by a constant increased flow of website traffic that’s already looking to buy your product or service.
  3. Convert more traffic to customers
    More website traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert. Once we get the right type Of traffic on your site, We’ll optimise your website to maximise conversion rates, meaning more phone calls and enquiries from qualified leads.

In most cases, yes. Here’s some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a website that you want potential customers to visit? Do you need a website built for you that you want potential customers to visit?
  • Do you sell products or services that you know people search for online?
  • Do your competitors have websites that attract leads and customers?
  • Do you want a long-term marketing strategy that will continue driving qualified leads to your website?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then SEO will most likely work for you – but if you’re still not sure, get in touch with us for a free consultation.

There’s a number of factors that we look at when analysing an SEO campaign. Relying on a single metric won’t give you the whole picture, which is why we measure multiple metrics for every campaign.

Secondary factors include:

  • Keyword rankings – these are used as an indication that your campaign is moving in the right direction – but shouldn’t be relied on as the only measurement of success!
  • Backlink profile – quantity and quality
  • Click-through-rate from the search engine results pages
  • Time spent on page
  • Bounce rate

Primary factors:

  • Organic website traffic
  • Conversions – contact form submissions, enquiries, phone calls etc.

For more information on measuring SEO success, check out this article.

The concept of search engine optimisation is reasonably simple: optimise your website in a way that Google views it as an authoritative source of information within your niche industry and ranks it as the best result for your desired keywords.

In other words, appearing at the top of the Google search results when one of your potential customers types in a query that’s closely related to your business and services.

The strategies that go into achieving this however, can be quite complex and time consuming.

SEO is not a quick-win strategy that will give you overnight results. It’s a long-term strategy that will set your business up for steady growth for the years to come. Search engine optimisation takes a lot of work, patience, commitment and resilience – but when done right it produces amazing results for your business.

Even though the concept of SEO is simple – the execution is not often easy.

That’s why we do it full-time, and leave you to run your business.

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Amplified Marketing provide digital marketing services.
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6 Steps to Get More Patients for Your Practice

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