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Rank higher, get more targeted traffic and win more customers with our Brisbane SEO services.

Need more customers to find you online? We can help.

SEO is the foundation of your online presence, helping you reach more customers than any other channel.

In Australia around 90% of people start their search for a product or service by typing a query into Google.

If you want your business reaching more of the right people at the right time to generate more qualified leads, more sales and more revenue, we can execute a bullet-proof SEO strategy to help grow your business.

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It doesn’t matter what product or service you offer, or what industry your business is in –  people are searching for it in Google every single day. And if you’re not attracting these qualified ready-to-buy customers to your website, then you’re missing a huge opportunity that your competitors are taking advantage of at your expense.

This is where we can help grow your business: we can help ensure your website attracts and converts the right type of people searching for your products or services, right when they’re ready to buy.

 Powerful SEO grows businesses.

More qualified website traffic

The traffic arriving on your website from our Brisbane SEO services will be more qualified and engaged meaning it’s more likely they’ll become a paying customer.

More Paying Customers

When you increase your website traffic with qualified leads, what happens? You guessed it – more paying customers!

A long-term evergreen strategy

SEO provides long-term, sustainable results. Unlike paid advertising (Facebook, Google Ads etc.) the phone doesn’t stop ringing as soon as you stop paying for the traffic. 

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We love these results almost as much as our clients

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Increase in organic traffic through SEO and content marketing.

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200% +

Increase in online enquiries from a website refresh and SEO.

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Increased in localised traffic from SEO and content marketing.

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Increase in organic traffic through SEO and content marketing.

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Why work with us?

At Amplified Marketing we have a refined, systematic approach to Brisbane search engine optimisation that we’ve developed over years of testing. Our customisable SEO framework generates results for businesses of all sizes, in a range of industries.

With almost ten years of experience providing results driven search engine optimisation, you can trust us as your preferred partner to take your business’ online presence to the next level.

Focused on measurable results

While many SEO providers focus on ‘rankings’ and ‘traffic’, we focus on conversions such as enquiries, phone calls and sales because those are the metrics that matter to the bottom line of your business.

Strategies tailored to your business

Many SEO Agencies use standard, cookie cutter SEO ‘strategies’ for every client, without really considering what’s going to be effective and what’s not going to work in a particular industry. When you work with us as your Brisbane SEO agency, we’ll tailor your campaign to your business’ specific strengths and weaknesses to ensure we maximise your ROI.

A proven SEO framework that produces results

The SEO framework we’ve developed continually produces results for all types of clients in all types of industries. It’s a flexible framework that allows us to quickly adapt to your unique business needs, strengths and weaknesses.

We play the long game

You’ll notice that we continually reference the long-game – this is because SEO works best when you’re focused on long-term success and sustainability to keep your business growing and thriving.

White-hat SEO strateges

We only use proven ‘white-hat’ SEO strategies that will keep you safe from receiving a penalty from Google. Part of the reason SEO takes time is because you need to build trust and authority with Google to rank your site higher, which is done using white-hat SEO strategies.

Trustworthy & dependable

SEO agencies tend to get a bad wrap for taking your money and not producing much work or results. We’ve seen it heaps of times, which is why one of our main points of difference is that we’re 100% dependable and accountable when it comes to providing quality Brisbane SEO Services. You can trust us to deliver return on your marketing investment.

What do they say?

"Amplified Marketing has been integral to the growth of our new business. I couldn't speak highly enough of the professionalism and knowledge shown on every occasion. Would not be able to recommend more highly!"

Adam House - Owner

"Amplified Marketing helped us grow our organic traffic significantly which has lead to an increased online presence and more online and phone enquiries."

Jeremy Lovett - Marketing Manager

"Being a brand new business, we had zero organic website traffic. Working with Amplified Marketing, we've been able to steadily grow our traffic month on month which has been great."

Jerry - Owner

"Amplified Marketing did some great work on my website and all for an affordable rate. I would highly recommend them to others. A+."

Alex Grant - Owner

Why do you need to invest in SEO to dominate your market?

SEO drives more leads than any other traffic source.

Over 90% of people in Australia begin their search for a product or search using Google (or one of the other search engines). And from this, about 90% of clicks are on the organic search results. This means that most of your potential customers are looking for you in Google every day. If they can’t find you in the search engine results, then you’re missing out on huge numbers of leads!

Not just more leads… Better quality leads.

Think about this: when someone finds your website through searching in Google, they’ve typed in a specific search phrase that closely relates to the products or services that you offer. This means they’ve got a problem that you can help solve.

A long-term profitable strategy for your business.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation will help sustain your business for the long-term. SEO is an evergreen marketing strategy, allowing you to attract a steady stream of engaged and qualified website visitors week after week, month after month and year after year.

Is Search Engine Optimisation the right investment for your business?

This is a question we get all the time! And it’s a great question – not all business will benefit from SEO, and some will benefit more than others. So ask yourself the following questions to get started.


Does your business have a website?


Do you want to get more targeted, qualified traffic to your website?


Do you want to steal competition from your competitors who currently rank higher in google than you?


Are you focused on long-term sustainable strategies to grow your business and achieve a steady stream of engaged leads?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then SEO is definitely the right investment for your business. The tough part is finding an SEO partner you can trust and depend on to get you the results your business needs.

The good news? You’re in the right place. Ready to get started?

What’s included in your customised SEO strategy?

A lot of agencies offer month-to-month SEO plans because they’re worried that they can’t provide results for clients, so it’s easier to let them go instead of holding them to a contract where there’s no ROI.

Our Brisbane SEO strategies are different – we produce results, but we’re also honest and realistic: search engine optimisation takes time. You won’t see overnight results, and it’s often rare that you’ll see significant results even within the first couple of months.

You need to be in it for the long-game, which takes a minimum of 6-months to start seeing a real return on your investment. Yes, this sounds like a long time, and it can be – but you need to remember:

SEO is a long-term strategy.

If you’re looking for quick overnight results, then perhaps you should consider Google Ads or Facebook Ads. But if you want to invest in a long-term evergreen strategy for your business that will produce business growth from the highest converting online channel, then we’ll be a good fit, because that’s what we’re all about.

We’ll build your strategy with a 6 month plan, meaning you’ll have a clear roadmap of what to expect from us.

SEO Audit

It all starts with an audit!

We look at your website’s code, structure, links, images, speed and heaps more to identify any technical elements or errors that are holding you back in the search engine results.

Google wants to rank websites that adhere to their website guidelines, and we make sure your site ticks all the boxes from a technical SEO perspective.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is where we identify the most relevant, profitable keywords that your ideal customers are typing into Google to find your business online.

Choosing the right keywords is a fundamental step in every SEO campaign, but it’s something that’s often overlooked by agencies because it’s tedious and time consuming.

Keyword research is a fundamental step that we take seriously and do right, to make sure your campaign is setup for maximum success from the very beginning.

On-page SEO

On-page elements include your page content, title tags, meta descriptions, image tags and a lot more.

While this sounds like techno-babble, these elements are one of the crucial first steps of optimising your website to appear higher in the search results for your targeted keywords and attract more targeted organic traffic that are more likely to convert from visitors to customers.

Local SEO

If you gave a physical shop address or location, then it’s essential that your SEO strategy includes local SEO. Local SEO ensures that your business appears in the local map search results for people searching within a specific geographical location.


Content Strategy & Creation

The content you have on your website makes a huge impact on the type and volume of traffic you attract.

Working with our network of professional copywriters and bloggers we’ll produce high quality, in-depth authority content that will wow the socks off you and your potential customers. We’ll build out a content strategy so you have a roadmap of where we’re going with the content on your website.

Off-page SEO & Link Building

Building high quality, relevant links to your website is one of the most important and powerful signals to Google that your website is a highly trustworthy and authority source of information within your industry.

Your link profile can make or break your SEO campaign, so it’s important to handle this with care! We’ll build a range of highly relevant and targeted links to strategically chosen pages on your website to ensure you’re getting maximum visibility in Google’s search results.

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What’s our SEO process?

Data Analysis & Benchmarking Report

Your website's data tells us important information that helps us understand your website’s organic performance, and helps identify opportunities for your campaign. We dive deep into Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see how people are reaching your website, and what they're doing once the arrive.

Onboarding Questionnaire

We want to get to know your business, customers and target audience as well as you, so we can formulate a high performing SEO strategy that will help drive growth for your business. Our onboarding questions will help flesh out the key details we need to know to build your campaign up for success.

Industry Research

We’ll take a look at your industry and top competitors to identify quick wins and opportunities that will play to your business’ strengths. We'll analyse what's working, where the gaps are and how your business can leverage these opportunities for long-term growth.

Final Kickoff Meeting

WIth all of this information, we’ll have a final call/video call or face to face meeting to review everything we’ve identified before we finalise your customised SEO strategy and kickoff your campaign.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical audit will uncover any and all issues your website from slow page speed, broken links, code, site structure and more. We’ll provide this technical SEO analysis to you in an easy to understand report, before we start fixing things.

Website Quality Analysis

Our quality analysis looks at the content, layout, design and style of your website to assess and identify opportunities on where improvements can be made to better optimise for both search engines and users.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental step of any SEO campaign. Understanding what keywords your potential customers are using to find products or services that you sell is critical to understanding the type and placement of content on your website.

On-page Optimisation

We take all of the finds from our analysis and research and start applying it to your website. These updates are the beginning of your website's newfound ranking power!

Technical Elements

We update and fix all of the technical elements that we identified in the technical audit as holding you back from search engine success. While these technical elements may seem like small, insignificant changes, they can make a huge difference to your organic rankings and traffic.

New Website Pages

Following on from our keyword gap analysis we build out extra pages on your website targeting your gap keywords. This part of the SEO process involves building additional content and assets to expand the number of relevant, valuable keywords to bring in traffic to your website.

Keyword Gap Analysis

This is where we expand on your existing target keywords to identify the keywords your competitors are gaining traffic from, that you’re missing out on - that is, the ‘keyword gaps’ on your website.

Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard it a million times - ‘content is king’. That’s true to a degree, but creating truly valuable, high quality content that makes a difference to your organic traffic is not easy. We work with a wide network of content experts in a number of niches to produce industry-leading content that will help establish your business as an industry leader.

Link Prospecting

Building high quality, relevant links (backlinks) from other websites back to your website is still the most important Google ranking factor. We conduct in-depth research to find hundreds of websites and blogs in your niche that we’ll then target to acquire links to your website over the life of your campaign.

Content Promotion

We don’t just create industry leading content for your website and leave it sitting there. No matter how good your content, 99% of the time it won’t do anything unless you strategically promote it to the right audience. We use several tactics to promote your content and drive traffic to your website and increase your online visibility.

Blogger Outreach

Speaking of backlinks - the most effective way of building backlinks to your website is through blogger link outreach. We leverage our network of professional bloggers and writers to have content written and placed on high quality blogs that link back to your website.

Every SEO campaign is different, and each campaign produces unique, differing results. Our ongoing analysis and optimisation will ensure your campaign is performing as well as it possibly can.

Frequently Answered SEO Questions (FAQs)

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How long does SEO take?

Great question! Unfortunately there’s no one answer for this (sorry!). It depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Your industry, and how competitive it is.
  • The state and performance of your existing website.
  • Your existing marketing assets and whether we can leverage them in your campaign (such as eBooks, special deals, giveaways etc).
  • Whether you’ve previously done SEO on your website (and whether it was done well or badly!).
  • Your budget – this is a big factor – as with anything, the more resources you can throw at something, generally the quicker you’ll see results.

Having said this, we can give you some general estimates as to the timeline of your SEO campaign, which can be broken down into three main phases:

1. Rankings
The first sign of your SEO campaign moving north is increased rankings for your desired keywords. From experience we usually see increased rankings for your chosen keyword phrases within about 3 months. As with all things SEO, this depends on your unique situation, but 3 months is the ballpark.

2. Traffic, Leads & Revenue
Once your website begins ranking for the right keywords (keywords with commercial intent) then you’ll begin to see more leads in the way of phone calls, contact form enquires and emails – between 3-6 months.

3. Return on investment
Within 12 months your campaign should be at a point where you’re making more money than you spend on SEO. We can’t reiterate enough that SEO is a long-term investment, but will deliver your business outstanding results in the long-term.

How much does Brisbane SEO cost?

Another great question that we get all the time. As with any service industry, the cost of Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation Services varies greatly depending on who’s providing the service, their level of experience and competence, your competition level and how quickly you want results, among other factors..

Our SEO Services start at $1500 per month, but for a better estimate why don’t you contact us for a free quote?

How does pricing work?

Another great question that we get all the time. As with any service industry, the cost of Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation Services varies greatly depending on who’s providing the service, their level of experience and competence, your competition level and how quickly you want results, among other factors..

Our SEO Services start at $1500 per month, but for a better estimate why don’t you contact us for a free quote?

Do you have lock-in contracts?

We ask that you commit to a minimum of six months for your SEO campaign with us. We’re not going to say it’s a strictly ‘lock-in’ contract, but generally six months is the minimum amount of time required to sufficiently build up your campaign to see measurable results that will start delivering you a return on investment. Any less, and we can’t confidently commit to providing the results that you expect and deserve.

Think of your SEO campaign of going to the gym – when you’re starting from scratch you need to put a lot of time, effort and patience because you’re not going to see results overnight, or in the first few weeks. You need to commit to a consistent, reliable program that’s going to ensure that you see results in the long-term. It’s exactly the same concept with search engine optimisation – you won’t get instant results because SEO is a long-term strategy.

What’s your SEO process?

We have a 5-phase SEO framework that’s been developed over years of experience and testing:

  • Onboarding, learning & planning
  • Improving
  • Creating
  • Promoting
  • Continuous optimising

You can see our whole process here.

How can you help grow my business with SEO?

It doesn’t matter what product or service you offer, or what industry your business is in – people are searching for it in Google every single day. And if you’re not attracting these qualified ready-to-buy customers to your website, then you’re missing a huge opportunity that your competitors are taking advantage of at your expense.

This is where we can help grow your business: we can help ensure your website attracts and converts the right type of people searching for your products or services, right when they’re ready to buy.

When it comes down it it, it’s a pretty simple process:

  1. Rank higher for the right keywords
    SEO provides long-term, sustainable results. Unlike paid advertising (Facebook, Google Ads etc.) the phone doesn’t stop ringing as soon as you stop paying for the traffic.
  2. Attract more qualified website traffic
    Once we get your website ranking higher for the best, most profitable keywords, you’ll be delighted by a constant increased flow of website traffic that’s already looking to buy your product or service.
  3. Convert more traffic to customers
    More website traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert. Once we get the right type Of traffic on your site, We’ll optimise your website to maximise conversion rates, meaning more phone calls and enquiries from qualified leads.
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How do you charge for your SEO campaigns?

We ask that you commit to a six-month period with us, with an advance payment of 3 months before we start work on your campaign. After this, we ask for monthly payments in advance for the remainder of your six-month agreement.

When your initial six-months have passed, you can continue on a monthly pre-paid basis.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

  • When we build your campaign we’ll provide you with a 6-month roadmap of activities included in your campaign broken down to a month-by-month process, including a content marketing schedule. This involves a lot of time, effort and resources on our part and for us to stay in business we need to ensure that we get paid for the work we do!
  • Receiving payment in advance ensures that we can seamlessly continue your campaign without any hiccups. We use a high quality network of freelancers and contractors to complete certain elements of your campaign, and by paying our team on time we can ensure your campaign continues to thrive.
Will SEO work for my business?

In most cases, yes. Here’s some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a website that you want potential customers to visit? Do you need a website built for you that you want potential customers to visit?
  • Do you sell products or services that you know people search for online?
  • Do your competitors have websites that attract leads and customers?
  • Do you want a long-term marketing strategy that will continue driving qualified leads to your website?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then SEO will most likely work for you – but if you’re still not sure, get in touch with us for a free consultation.

How do you measure results?

There’s a number of factors that we look at when analysing an SEO campaign. Relying on a single metric won’t give you the whole picture, which is why we measure multiple metrics for every campaign.

Secondary factors include:

  • Keyword rankings – these are used as an indication that your campaign is moving in the right direction – but shouldn’t be relied on as the only measurement of success!
  • Backlink profile – quantity and quality
  • Click-through-rate from the search engine results pages
  • Time spent on page
  • Bounce rate

Primary factors:

  • Organic website traffic
  • Conversions – contact form submissions, enquiries, phone calls etc.
How does SEO work?

The concept of search engine optimisation is reasonably simple: optimise your website in a way that Google views it as an authoritative source of information within your niche industry and ranks it as the best result for your desired keywords.

In other words, appearing at the top of the Google search results when one of your potential customers types in a query that’s closely related to your business and services.

The strategies that go into achieving this however, can be quite complex and time consuming.

SEO is not a quick-win strategy that will give you overnight results. It’s a long-term strategy that will set your business up for steady growth for the years to come. Search engine optimisation takes a lot of work, patience, commitment and resilience – but when done right it produces amazing results for your business.

Even though the concept of SEO is simple – the execution is not often easy.

That’s why we do it full-time, and leave you to run your business.