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I’m Joe, founder and director here at Amplified Marketing.

Your website and online presence is key to your business surviving in 2020.

But this is where we see many businesses failing, due to a poorly built and functioning website that’s hard to use and even harder to find in Google.

That’s where we come in – we can help transform and position your business’ online presence from a clunky, dated afterthought, to the market leader.

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We love these results almost as much as our clients.


Increase in organic traffic through SEO and content marketing.

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200% +

Increase in online enquiries from a website refresh and SEO.

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Increased in localised traffic from SEO and content marketing.

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Increase in organic traffic through SEO and content marketing.

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“Amplified Marketing helped us grow our organic traffic significantly which has lead to an increased online presence and more online and phone enquiries.”

Jerry – Marketing Manager, Tamar Marine

Why do leading businesses choose to work with us?

We won’t speak in fancy marketing jingle jangle that doesn’t make sense to you – we’ll communicate with you in real words that make sense to you, so you can understand what we’re doing and why.


Focused on your growth.

Our focus is on your growth. Whether that’s increasing your wesbite’s conversion rate through a re-design, or driviing more quialified traffic to your site through a tailored SEO strategy – our goal is to help grow your business.


Tangible results.

Sick of hearing about clicks and rankings? So are we! We focus on results that actually make a difference to your bottom line – such as leads and conversions.


Customised solutions for your business.

Before starting any projects, we get to know you, your business and target audience so we can find the best possible solution to help grow your business.

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